About CueDB

Welcome to CueDB - The Open Cue Sheet Database. After a really long time in the making I finally managed to get everything up and running.

The idea behind this project was simple - to create a database that will store the cues along with information about the files they refer to ("cue sheet reference files" as I like to call them - mainly .mp3, .wav or .bin). This way you can easily find a cue sheet that was created for a particular realese (reference file).

There is no access to your music or data files from the server side, so a client application is required in order to upload a file. The client will read all the required information from the reference file and send it to CueDB along with your cue sheet. For more information on uploading files head over to the upload section.

At this point Cutie is the only client application available. The current version is nothing more than a basic cue sheet editor with CueDB support. I will extend it's functionality in the future versions, as I intend to merge it with my other cue sheet editor - QeD. In the mean time you can just use both of them:)

Everything about the project is still considered to be in BETA stage. I've tried my best to test all aspects of CueDB, but I'm sure there are some errors just waiting to be discovered. So if you find any just PM me.
Since I am experiencing a serious lack of free time certain bug fixes might come a little late, but I'll get there eventually:)

by twilight on October 28th, 2007